Hostgator v/s Godaddy Hosting – Features, Plans & Pricing Comparison

When hundreds of Web hosting companies are ruling the market, it is a tough job to choose one for your new Website. Among all web hosting companies, you might have come across the name Hostgator and GoDaddy. Well, these two titans of the Internet world are serving thousands of small and large-scale Websites. Though both of them offer web hosting services, Hostgator is a more popular one. GoDaddy is a popular name but in the field of Domain name registration.

The popularity is not always a guarantee for superior services in the market, especially if it’s an Internet market. Sometimes, a not so popular brand outclasses the top brand product. In fact, this is the way every small name becomes a brand. Which hosting company can give you exceptional services as well as value for money? Perhaps, this is the obvious question that might be arising in your mind if you are looking for a hosting service.

In this article, we will take you out from the dilemma of choosing between GoDaddy and Hostgator. For this, we will be taking reference from our 328 performed tests on almost all popular hosting providers such as Bluehost, Hostgator, eHost, SiteGround, Justhost, etc. We have compared them side by side on various aspects such as page load speed, website uptime, interfaces, customer service, and others.

HostGator v/s GoDaddy Hosting – Performance comparison

Both GoDaddy and Hostgator are reputed brands and serving this industry for a long time. They both claims of delivering exceptional services that include 99.9% Website Uptime, Fast page load time, 24x7 customer support, and others. However, only an insider or an expert can tell you the ground reality. We can make you aware of that ground reality through our periscope of numerous tests on various web hosting companies that include Bluehost, Hostgator, iPage, SiteGround, Justhost, Godaddy, and Namecheap.

Our methods of comparison

Here are the three factors that we have chosen for measuring performance.

  1. Uptime Test
  2. Page Load Speed Test
  3. Customer Support Response Time Test

How we performed this test?

Here is the step by step procedures of how we performed this test.

Step 1: It started with buying the web hosting plans of Hostgator as well as GoDaddy.

Step 2: On both of the Web hosts, we hosted a dummy website with same files, content, CMS (WordPress), Plugins, etc. Obviously, the domain name was different.

Step 3: Afterwards, we tested various aspects such as page load time of HTML file of 93 KB, JavaScript of 312nKB, CSS of 48 KB, and last but not the least images of 1544 KB through GTMetrix.

Step 4: For measuring their uptime, we created an account on and buzzed both of the websites consistently at every minute.

Step 5: For testing their customer support response time, we raised a complaint ticket. We compared the response time of every web hosting.

Hostgator v/s Godaddy - Page Load Speed Test:

Web HostingAvg. Page Load TimeBest Page Load TimeWorst Page Load TimeCompare With HostgatorVisit Website
Godaddy4.76 s1.49 s15.67 sHostgator v/s GodaddyVisit Godaddy
Namecheap4.13 s1.23 s9.65 sHostgator v/s NamecheapVisit Namecheap
iPage3.87 s2.67 s13.43 sHostgator v/s iPageVisit iPage
Bluehost3.45 s1.15 s9.23 sHostgator v/s BluehostVisit Bluehost
WpEngine3.43 s2.27 s9.44 sHostgator v/s WpEngineVisit WpEngine
SiteGround3.19 s2.31 s11.22 sHostgator v/s SiteGroundVisit SiteGround
Hostgator3.11 s1.88 s13.80 sVisit HostgatorVisit Hostgator
Dreamhost3.67 s2.12 s10.21 sHostgator v/s DreamhostVisit Dreamhost
Digital Ocean3.44 s2.33 s8.56 sHostgator v/s Digital OceanVisit DigitalOcean
Arvixe4.52 s2.54 s9.12 sHostgator v/s ArvixeVisit Arvixe
Justhost4.28 s2.13 s9.66 sHostgator v/s JusthostVisit Justhost
Amazon Web Services (AWS)4.56 s2.55 s9.12 sHostgator v/s AWSVisit AWS
eHost4.23 s1.41 s10.11 sHostgator v/s eHostVisit eHost
InMotion Hosting3.44 s2.45 s9.12 sHostgator v/s InMotionVisit InMotion

In Hostgator, we find that the average page load speed time for our website was 3.11 seconds. While in Godaddy, it was 4.76 seconds. However, the best load time for Hostgator was 1.88 seconds while 1.49 seconds for Godaddy. The worst load time for Hostgator was 13.8 seconds, while for Godaddy, it was 15.67 seconds. Clearly, it shows the inconsistency of Godaddy web hosting services and the reliability of Hostgator web hosting services.

For calculating average page load time, we performed this test for 20 times on our server. Obviously, Hostgator had upper hand on Godaddy.



Winner – Hostgator

We have got Hostgator as a clear winner in this round, but it would be too early to come to an overall conclusion. Therefore, we marched for another test.

Hostgator v/s Godaddy hosting- Uptime Test Results:

All hosting provider claims to deliver 100 percent uptime. However, expecting the same from them is like living in a fool’s paradise. In fact, the ground reality is no hosting company provides such hosting no matter what plan have you subscribed. Here are the results of these two hosting providers that we found in our tests. We used Pingdom service for this test and buzzed our Website for multiple times in a fixed period.

Web HostingAvg. UptimeBest UptimeWorst UptimeCompare With HostgatorVisit Website
Bluehost99.98 %100 %93.56 % Check ComparisonVisit Bluehost
Hostgator99.97 %100 %96.78 %Visit HostgatorVisit Hostgator
SiteGround99.96 % 100 %94.43 %Check ComparisonVisit SiteGround
WpEngine99.96 % 100 %93.56 %Check ComparisonVisit WpEngine
iPage99.91 % 100 %88.67 %Check ComparisonVisit iPage
Namecheap99.89 %100 %89.28 %Check ComparisonVisit Namecheap
Godaddy99.88 %100 %87.34 %Check ComparisonVisit Godaddy
Dreamhost99.95 %100 %96.33 %Check ComparisonVisit Dreamhost
DigitalOcean99.97 %100 %95.55 %Check ComparisonVisit DigitalOcean
Arvixe99.89 % 100 %92.13 %Check ComparisonVisit Arvixe
Justhost99.93%100 %90.12 %Check ComparisonVisit Justhost
Amazon Web Services (AWS)99.93 %100 %96.48 %Check ComparisonVisit Amazon Web Services (AWS)
eHost99.94 %100 %95.52 %Check ComparisonVisit eHost
InMotion99.97 %100 %95.34 %Check ComparisonVisit InMorion

Hostgator had 99.97 percent average uptime while Godaddy had 99.88 percent average uptime. The worst uptime of Hostgator was 96.78 percent while for Godaddy, it was only 87.34 percent.

In our tests, Hostgator clearly got an edge on Godaddy. Still, it was not enough for final declaration. So, we head for another mode of comparison.

Winner – Hostgator

Hostgator v/s Godaddy – Customer Support Ticket Response Time Test Results:

We raised complaint tickets for figuring out the response time of customer support. Thereafter, we averaged the times they took for responding our complaint tickets.

Web HostingAvg. Response TimeBest ResponseWorst Response Compare With HostgatorCheck More Details
SiteGround3 hours1 hour12 hoursCheck ComparisonVisit SiteGround
Hostgator4 hours1 hour21 hoursCheck ComparisonVisit Hostgator
Bluehost6 hours1 hour22 hoursCheck ComparisonVisit Bluehost
WpEngine6 hours1 hour18 hoursCheck ComparisonVisit WpEngine
Namecheap9 hours1.5 hour36 hoursCheck ComparisonVisit Namecheap
Godaddy12 hours3 hours39 hoursCheck ComparisonVisit Godaddy
iPage14 hours7 hours42 hoursCheck ComparisonVisit iPage
Dreamhost7 hours1 hour18 hoursCheck ComparisonVisit Dreamhost
DigitalOcean13 hours6 hours46 hoursCheck ComparisonVisit DigitalOcean
Arvixe7 hours2 hour22 hoursCheck ComparisonVisit Arvixe
Justhost13 hours6 hours48 hoursCheck ComparisonVisit Justhost
Amazon Web Services (AWS)7 hours1.5 hours16 hoursCheck ComparisonVisit Amazon Web Services (AWS)
eHost6.5 hours2 hours21 hoursCheck ComparisonVisit eHost
InMotion4.5 hours1 hour18 hoursCheck ComparisonVisit InMotion

Hostgator average response time was 4 hours while Godaddy was nowhere near to it with 12 hours as an average response time. The best time of Hostgator was 1 hour, while it was 3 hours for Godaddy. The worst time of Hostgator was 21 hours, while in the case of Godaddy, it was 39 hours.

Clearly, Hostgator has the upper hand on Godaddy.

Winner – Hostgator

Hostgator v/s Godaddy – User Interface Comparison:

We found these both web hosting providers had user-friendly cPanel. So, there was no winner as both of them are easy to use.

Winner – Tie

Hostgator v/s Godaddy – Hosting Packages and Pricing Comparison:

The price of hosting plans is also a decisive one for many website owners and web developers. It was a throat cutting competition among these two. We found that they both have a similar pricing in their plans with a small rise in Hostgator. However, Hostgator comes with an assurance of refunding your money within 45 days of buying the service.

Winner – Tie

The Final Verdict

Unexpectedly, the comparison came out to be decisive. Almost all of the factors shout Hostgator as an undisputed winner. You may find slightly cheap plans in Godaddy, but Hostgator outshines it with customer satisfaction and excellent service. Hopefully, this review sorted you queries regarding both of the services. It was an honest and logical approach from my side to find out the best.

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