HostGator Shared Hosting Packages

Hostgator Shared Hosting Plans – Hatching, Baby & Business Plan

Confused among all Hostgator shared hosting plans? Not able to decide which one is best for you – Hatchling plan or Baby plan or Business hosting plan? We are here to help you selecting right Hostgator shared hosting plan as per your needs. 

Hostgator hatchling v/s Baby v/s business plan

First of all, choosing the right hosting company for your website is itself quite difficult as a task. And suppose you have already done that it is again another significant task to pick up the best plan from the available options since every web host comes with several different plans to cater to the varied hosting requirements.

And even after successfully choosing an efficient web host you might face problems and losses if you fail to pick up the right hosting plan for your business.

As we have completed the first job and chosen HostGator as our preferred web host, now we will concentrate on the three different plans (Hatchling, Baby & Business plans) offered by the company and try to determine which one is best suited for whom.

Hostgator is a Huston based reputed web hosting firm owned by the Endurance International Group. Established in 2002 the company has gathered considerable experience the web hosting field and earned much reputation so far.

Presently it hosts millions of domains from customers scattered all over the world. Moreover it is now one of the ten largest web hosting companies in the planet.

Hostgator offers three shared hosting plans namely Hatching, Baby and Business plans each having different features and benefits of its own where Hatchling and Baby plans are most popular among bloggers and webmasters. People often get confused about all these plans and wonder which one will best suit their purpose.

This is because they don’t have a clear concept about the details of all these shared hosting packages and so they find it difficult to determine the right one for them.

To eliminate all the confusions present in their mind and present a distinct picture on the subject we will discuss all these different plans in details so that it becomes easier for them to arrive at the right buying decision.

Highlights of Each Shared Hosting Plan

Let’s have a quick view on the distinctive features of three different plans.

hostgator shared hosting plans - baby, hatchling and business plan

Hatching Plan

Baby Plan

Business Plan

Which Hostgator Shared Plans You Should Choose?

Before choosing any of the three plans you must possess a very clear picture in your mind about your business at present and its future scopes. To be very precious keep these things in mind –

If you have a clear perception about the above mentioned points with regards to your own business then the following discussion on the three hosting plans will be quite helpful for you in selecting the right plan for you. Hostgator is offering 1 cent hosting plan for its shared hosting plans.

Why Should You Choose Hatching Plan?

Hatching plan is the right option for those who has only a single website and limited budget because it is a relatively cheaper plan intended for small businesses. But it might not prove beneficial in the long run as noticed in many cases.

If the business flourishes well in future the Hatching plan will not be practically effective because with the increase in business only one domain will not suffice but require more than that to accommodate the new business ideas and plans.

So this plan is not bad at the initial stage of your business but you cannot stick to it forever. You will have to switch to other plans as your business takes up growth. It is actually better for small websites and blogs.

Why Should You Choose Business Hosting Plan?

This is the most powerful hosting service offered by HostGator and obviously provides more advantages than the other two plans. It is meant for the medium to large business houses and other well established organizations which prefer to process their monetary and other business transactions on their own.

In other words it is the best plan for those who require more add-ons and e-commerce features to operate their business activities in more efficient and sophisticated manner.

Precisely if you need website for your business that accepts transactions through internet banking and debit/credit cards you will require this particular hosting plan.

Moreover dedicated SSL certificate ensures more safety to customers in case of online purchase. And this is likely to increase sales as customers always prefer safe websites.

Please note that go for this plan only when you think that these features have become essential for you otherwise there is no point spending this higher amount for hosting purposes.

Why Should You Choose Baby Plan?

Baby plan is a bit expensive compared to the Hatching plan but spending a little more you can really enjoy great advantages.

First of all you get the benefit of unlimited domains. Side by side there are the facilities of anonymous FTP as well as Chilisoft ASP.

Moreover you can also enjoy dedicated IP and private SSL at the same time. And all these features are quite useful for your growing business. Hence many businesses gradually shift to this plan as they grow up with time.

Even some businesses start with this instead of the Hatching plan from the very outset of their business as they can foresee that the Hatching option will fail to serve their purposes sooner or later. In fact it is quite a popular plan among small to mid range businesses.

Finally, just remember that there is nothing called best or worst plan, it is all about choosing the right plan and this “right” is totally based on what purpose you are buying the hosting service for.

For example the Baby plan could be a right decision for business-X but might be totally wrong for business-Y. So you must be first of all very clear about your business requirements and then only you will be in a position to determine the right hosting plan for you.