HostGator v s AWS Hosting Comaprison

Hostgator v/s Amazon Web Services (AWS) Hosting Comparison

There are a lot of comparing websites out there but when someone has 328 self performed tests in hand you cannot doubt their credibility!

The best part is that we don’t blindly trust the quality and features these hosting websites mention at their website.

We check their features by performing tests and measure their quality.
Every webmaster can understand the importance of right webhosting and how tough it has become to decide which hosting to go for as your entire online identity and business depend upon your website uptime and page load speed. and Yes, most important factor the customer support response time in case you face any issue with these web hosting companies.

We have performed out total 328 tests on almost all big names in the web hosting segment including Hostgator, Bluehost, eHost, SiteGround, AWS web hosting etc but on a specific note we are going to compare Hostgator and AWS Web hosting in this article.

After reading the data we have gained from 328 tests performed at various web hosting companies, I am sure it’s going to be an easy decision for you to choose between Hostgator and AWS hosting.

Hostgator v/s AWS hosting – Performance Comparison

On one hand we have AWS hosting by Amazon which offers cloud web hosting solutions on the other hand we have Hostgator, a huge name and a widely used hosting platform.

We have conducted several tests at top web hosting companies including AWS hosting,Bluehost, Hostgator, iPage, SiteGround, Justhost, Godaddy and Namecheap etc. to measure their performance and website uptime and both of these came out as best in market.

How did we compare Hostgator & AWS hosting performance?

We had 3 criteria to measure performance of their server. These were:

  1. Page Load Speed Test
  2. Uptime Test
  3. Customer Support Response Time Test

Step 1: We purchased web hosting plans of both companies Hostgator and AWS hosting.

Step 2: We hosted a demo website (exact same website with same files, CMS which was WordPress, content and plugins etc. with different domain name only) at both web hosting.

We then measured page load speed time of same webpage of size 93 KB of HTML, 312 KB of JavaScript, 48 KB of CSS, and 1,544 KB of images from each hosting server using GTMetrix.

Step 3: We did setup a account to constantly ping each website at 1-minute interval to measure their uptime.

Step 4: We raised a support ticket with all of these hosting’s customer supports and waited for their response. We calculated response times for each of our reply for that ticket to calculate avg. support response time.

Hostgator v/s AWS hosting - Page Load Speed Test:

[table id=1 /]



In our tests, Hostgator had average page load speed time for our webpage (93 KB of HTML, 312 KB of JavaScript, 48 KB of CSS, and 1,544 KB of images) as 3.11 seconds which was far better than AWS hosting with page load time of 4.56 sec for same website.

Not only this the difference in best page load time is huge when we are looking only for best as Hostgator’s time was 1.88 secs compared to 2.55sec of AWS hosting

On running the test for 20 times on our server Hostgator came out to be the leading site in almost all the test runs.

Winner – Hostgator

After these results we already see a winner in making but it would be too early to come to an overall conclusion.

So let’s move on to other tests we performed.

Hostgator v/s AWS hosting- Uptime Test Results:

We used Pingdom service for this test. And measured website uptime for fix period of time multiple time.

[table id=3 /]

Hostgator was a clear winner here as compared to AWS hosting. With 99.97% avg. uptime whereas AWS hosting avg. website uptime was 99.93%.

This difference looks very small but when your online website is completely dependent at your website, every single minute of downtime can cause you big loss.

Winner – Hostgator

Hostgator v/s AWS hosting – Customer Support Ticket Response Time Test Results:

[table id=4 /]

While comparing their customer support for our tickets, we averaged the times they took to response our tickets’ reply.

Hostgator avg. response time was 4 hours cumulatively while AWS hosting did good job here but lagged with an avg. response time of 7 hours.

The fact that Hostgator provides live chat and phone support both makes me lean towards choosing them every single time. Their support team is highly professional and quick in response time which makes it a very user friendly environment.

I would go for hostgator anytime.

Winner – Hostgator

Hostgator v/s AWS hosting – User Interface Comparison:

Hostgator and AWS hosting both hosting have user-friendly cPanel to manage server.

You can easily add your domain, install any CMS like WordPress, Joomla etc., access file manager, databases etc at their cpanel.

For me, it’s a tie in between Hostgator and AWS hosting.

User Interface Result  – tIE

Hostgator v/s AWS Hosting – Hosting Packages and Pricing comparison:

For many users the biggest factor that comes into play is the money they are going to pay for hosting and to be really honest it is obvious we usually look for good products at a better price that one can easily afford.

In that case Hostgator is much affordable in every aspect as compared to AWS hosting.
Thereby not keeping the suspense for long Hostgator is the clear winner as compared to its rival.


If you are a newbie, then Hostgator is a sure go as I find it more interactive and user friendly.
Its control panel and other features are much more indulging.

I am using the Hostgator and for me customer service was very much important when I began and their professional help worth blindly going for a try. It helped me and I really want others to get the benefit of such wonderful and cheap service.

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