Hostgator v/s eHost Web Hosting Comparison – Which One is Better?


If you are planning to buy web hosting for your website and confused about Hostgator v/s eHost Hosting, then you are at right place.

No Bull-shit here. Only real hosting comparison by real tests.

We don’t believe is comparing hosting plans and features of any website by visiting their website and comparing the thing the mentioned at their website.

We did more than 328 tests to compare popular web hosting companies like Hostgator, Bluehost, eHost, SiteGround etc. on the basis of various scales such as page load speed, website uptime, easy of use of their control panel and most importantly customer support response time.

In this article, we are comparing 2 widely-known hosting companies eHost and Hostgator.

Then, we will decide which one is winner on the basis of each feature and quality they are offering to their customers. Finally, we will choose best between both of these.

Hostgator v/s eHost – Performance Comparison

eHost and Hostgator both are well-known and trusted brands in terms of performance and reliability. Both of these companies provide assured 99.9% website uptime, fast page load time, 24×7 customer support etc.

We have conducted several tests at top web hosting companies including Bluehost, Hostgator, iPage, SiteGround, Justhost, Godaddy and Namecheap etc. to measure their performance and website uptime and both of these came out as best in market.

How did we compare Hostgator & eHost performance?

We had 3 criteria to measure performance of their server. These were:

  1. Page Load Speed Test
  2. Uptime Test
  3. Customer Support Response Time Test

Step 1: We purchased web hosting plans of both companies Hostgator and eHost.

Step 2: We hosted a demo website (exact same website with same files, CMS which was WordPress, content and plugins etc. with different domain name only) at both web hosting.

We then measured page load speed time of same webpage of size 93 KB of HTML, 312 KB of JavaScript, 48 KB of CSS, and 1,544 KB of images from each hosting server using GTMetrix.

Step 3: We did setup a account to constantly ping each website at 1-minute interval to measure their uptime.

Step 4: We raised a support ticket with all of these hosting’s customer supports and waited for their response. We calculated response times for each of our reply for that ticket to calculate avg. support response time.

Hostgator v/s eHost - Page Load Speed Test:

Web HostingAvg. Page Load TimeBest Page Load TimeWorst Page Load TimeCompare With HostgatorVisit Website
Godaddy4.76 s1.49 s15.67 sHostgator v/s GodaddyVisit Godaddy
Namecheap4.13 s1.23 s9.65 sHostgator v/s NamecheapVisit Namecheap
iPage3.87 s2.67 s13.43 sHostgator v/s iPageVisit iPage
Bluehost3.45 s1.15 s9.23 sHostgator v/s BluehostVisit Bluehost
WpEngine3.43 s2.27 s9.44 sHostgator v/s WpEngineVisit WpEngine
SiteGround3.19 s2.31 s11.22 sHostgator v/s SiteGroundVisit SiteGround
Hostgator3.11 s1.88 s13.80 sVisit HostgatorVisit Hostgator
Dreamhost3.67 s2.12 s10.21 sHostgator v/s DreamhostVisit Dreamhost
Digital Ocean3.44 s2.33 s8.56 sHostgator v/s Digital OceanVisit DigitalOcean
Arvixe4.52 s2.54 s9.12 sHostgator v/s ArvixeVisit Arvixe
Justhost4.28 s2.13 s9.66 sHostgator v/s JusthostVisit Justhost
Amazon Web Services (AWS)4.56 s2.55 s9.12 sHostgator v/s AWSVisit AWS
eHost4.23 s1.41 s10.11 sHostgator v/s eHostVisit eHost
InMotion Hosting3.44 s2.45 s9.12 sHostgator v/s InMotionVisit InMotion



In our tests, Hostgator had average page load speed time for our webpage (93 KB of HTML, 312 KB of JavaScript, 48 KB of CSS, and 1,544 KB of images) as 3.11 seconds which was far better han eHost page load time for same website 4.23s.

Hostgator’s best page load time was 1.88 second and eHost compared to Hostgator performed better with a page load time of 1.41 second in this time (and actually just one time :)).

We checked both servers individually 20 times for this test and Hostgator won almost every time

Winner – Hostgator

Hostgator v/s eHost - Uptime Test Results:

We used Pingdom service for this test. And measured website uptime for fix period of time multiple time.

Web HostingAvg. UptimeBest UptimeWorst UptimeCompare With HostgatorVisit Website
Bluehost99.98 %100 %93.56 % Check ComparisonVisit Bluehost
Hostgator99.97 %100 %96.78 %Visit HostgatorVisit Hostgator
SiteGround99.96 % 100 %94.43 %Check ComparisonVisit SiteGround
WpEngine99.96 % 100 %93.56 %Check ComparisonVisit WpEngine
iPage99.91 % 100 %88.67 %Check ComparisonVisit iPage
Namecheap99.89 %100 %89.28 %Check ComparisonVisit Namecheap
Godaddy99.88 %100 %87.34 %Check ComparisonVisit Godaddy
Dreamhost99.95 %100 %96.33 %Check ComparisonVisit Dreamhost
DigitalOcean99.97 %100 %95.55 %Check ComparisonVisit DigitalOcean
Arvixe99.89 % 100 %92.13 %Check ComparisonVisit Arvixe
Justhost99.93%100 %90.12 %Check ComparisonVisit Justhost
Amazon Web Services (AWS)99.93 %100 %96.48 %Check ComparisonVisit Amazon Web Services (AWS)
eHost99.94 %100 %95.52 %Check ComparisonVisit eHost
InMotion99.97 %100 %95.34 %Check ComparisonVisit InMorion

Hostgator was a clear winner here to compared to eHost. With 99.97% avg. uptime whereas eHost’s avg. website uptime was 99.94%.

Winner – Hostgator

Hostgator v/s eHost – Customer Support Ticket Response Time Test Results:

Web HostingAvg. Response TimeBest ResponseWorst Response Compare With HostgatorCheck More Details
SiteGround3 hours1 hour12 hoursCheck ComparisonVisit SiteGround
Hostgator4 hours1 hour21 hoursCheck ComparisonVisit Hostgator
Bluehost6 hours1 hour22 hoursCheck ComparisonVisit Bluehost
WpEngine6 hours1 hour18 hoursCheck ComparisonVisit WpEngine
Namecheap9 hours1.5 hour36 hoursCheck ComparisonVisit Namecheap
Godaddy12 hours3 hours39 hoursCheck ComparisonVisit Godaddy
iPage14 hours7 hours42 hoursCheck ComparisonVisit iPage
Dreamhost7 hours1 hour18 hoursCheck ComparisonVisit Dreamhost
DigitalOcean13 hours6 hours46 hoursCheck ComparisonVisit DigitalOcean
Arvixe7 hours2 hour22 hoursCheck ComparisonVisit Arvixe
Justhost13 hours6 hours48 hoursCheck ComparisonVisit Justhost
Amazon Web Services (AWS)7 hours1.5 hours16 hoursCheck ComparisonVisit Amazon Web Services (AWS)
eHost6.5 hours2 hours21 hoursCheck ComparisonVisit eHost
InMotion4.5 hours1 hour18 hoursCheck ComparisonVisit InMotion

While comparing their customer support for our tickets, we averaged the times they took to response our tickets’ reply.

Hostgator avg response time was 4 hours cumulatively while eHost did good job here with an avg. response time of 6.5 hours.

Still, I am personally a fan of Hostgator support team and their work ethics. They provide support via live chat as well as phone support too. And believe me, their phone support is something I can vouch for.

These guys are very professional and will stay online with you until your problem get resolved. That why, at least for me, winner is Hostgator.

Winner – Hostgator

Hostgator v/s eHost – User Interface Comparison:

Hostgator and eHost both hosting have user-friendly cPanel to manage server.

You can easily add your domain, install any CMS like WordPress, Joomla etc., access file manager, databases etc at their cpanel.

For me, it’s a tie in between Hostgator and eHost.

User Interface Result – Tie

Hostgator v/s eHost – Hosting Packages and Pricing comparison:

Believe it or not, but for some people, pricing is also a major factor while picking up web hosting. If not, at least it was a strong factor for me when I started my blogging journey 6 years back.

As a newbie, my first goal was to start my journey with best web hosting at minimum starting cost.

I won’t keep the suspense for too long. But, Hostgator was clear winner in terms of pricing 6 years back and even still, it is.

Winner – Hostgator

My Personal Opinion (if it matters to you J):

I am using Hostgator for my company website, for this website and my clients’ websites. And, I never had any problems with these guys.

We purchased all hosing plans of other companies for conducting these tests to compare their hosting servers. But, never had a thought to host our main websites at these servers.

Hostgator offers 45 days 100% money back guarantee in case you are not happy with them.

So, make your decision now. Leave all hosting related worries over Hostgator team and start focusing to grow your business more.

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