Hostgator v s iPage Comparison

Hostgator v/s iPage Hosting – Features, Plans & Pricing Comparison

It’s difficult to compare HostGator and iPage because they offer different packages. iPage is a more affordable option for those who want basic hosting services at a low cost. HostGator offers higher quality web services and has more robust features but the costs are much higher.

Both companies have been in business for many years providing excellent customer service so you can be sure that whatever choice you make, your website can be up and running quickly with little if any downtime.

The decision really comes down to what type of site you require and how much money you are willing to spend on it. If all else fails, try contacting both providers by live chat or phone call to see which one would better suit your needs before making a final decision.

HostGator vs. iPage – Overview

Nowadays, it’s hard to run a website without the assurance of 24/7 customer support or protection against malware. With sites like iPage and HostGator though you can be sure that your site will always have these features so long as you choose them for hosting.

Both companies are well established with over ten years in business and they constantly innovate too which means all their services reflect what people want today when running websites.

HostGator vs. iPage – Page Speed and Uptime

Comparing HostGator and iPage page speed and uptime guarantees, we signed up with each one of them to create 2 test sites.

We installed a WordPress theme on our websites and published dummy content along with some images from scratch for the live environment in order to mirror what would happen if you were using their service normally.

We conducted a few different experiments on these test sites with the following tools: Pingdom to analyze website speed, Load Impact to monitor how hosting servers handle traffic during peak load times, and Bitcatcha which determines performance from eight different geographical locations.

According to our Pingdom Speed Test, when we tested from Dallas (location 1), it took 691 milliseconds for our HostGator site’s page content to be fully loaded; while the same time frame required 2.6 seconds for iPage–which is faster than 60% of all other websites tested.

And although this might not seem like an issue at first glance, in actuality it means that if you’re loading your webpage or are trying to reach out via email then there will be a significantly longer delay than with other websites.

However, on the positive side, we did notice that HostGator raised its average load time by 2% whereas iPage reduced theirs by 20%.

Furthermore, our Load Impact Test revealed that HostGator was able to handle traffic up to 640 concurrent users without any lagging and video buffering issues while iPage was able to handle 585 concurrent users.

Our Bitcatcha Test indicated that HostGator could achieve an average of 30% more page views per month than iPage without any issues at all.

Winner – Hostgator

HostGator vs. iPage – WordPress Hosting Comparison

iPage has designed two plans made for WordPress. The basic plan is the same as a generic shared hosting plan, but their premium package comes with extras such as themes and plugins, dedicated WP support from iPage’s team of experts on staff available 24 hours a day 7 days per week to answer your questions about running your website or blog smoothly; plus security features that will keep hackers away like constant malware scanning (both internally and externally) by our crackerjack tech team.

HostGator does not offer any specific packages created just for WordPress users—though they do have information pages pertaining specifically to providing assistance in using this software platform if you so choose—HostGator guarantees its customer’s ability to run websites built upon this platform smoothly.

The one-click installer easily sets up new WordPress installations on HostGator. If you have an existing WordPress installation elsewhere, you can get free migration to use with your hosting account!

Winner – Hostgator

HostGator vs. iPage – Control Panels

iPage bundles a custom control panel with its web hosting packages that are specifically designed for non-technical users. The engineers at iPage have modified cPanel extensively to include sleek design, quick and easy access to the most frequently used tools, better navigation features; all in order for it to be more user-friendly than ever before!

HostGator offers a variety of hosting packages. If you’re looking for an affordable option, they offer their stock package with cPanel and WHM at the same price as other providers like DreamHost or Site5 but without any extras! But if you want to customize your experience HostGator engineers are happy to help out all panels can be customized in some way from making them look different on desktop versus mobile devices (Plesk), adding themes (cPanel), or installing third-party plugins that will make managing content easier than ever before.

Whether it’s setting up domains, creating email accounts, updating DNS records, or enabling SSL certificates we have everything under one roof so don’t worry about missing anything important when choosing this company because each of their hosting packages come with a host of features that are guaranteed to meet your needs and exceed your expectations!

Winner – Hostgator

HostGator vs. iPage – Ease of Use

HostGator and iPage are two popular web-hosting providers, but they differ in one key aspect: cPanel.

HostGator gives you the option to have a control panel with your account that manages everything from installing scripts for WordPress or Joomla all the way up to managing FTP access on your site’s files- it’s known as their signature service called “cPanel.”

On the other hand, if you’re accustomed to using this most widely used control panel around then there will be some time spent getting acquainted with vDeck. 

However, what makes iPage stand out? They offer free domain names and plenty of bandwidth so long as you purchase at least 12 months’ worth of hosting plans ahead of time!

Winner – Hostgator

HostGator vs. iPage – Features

With HostGator, you’ll get everything you need to kick off your new site from the ground up. You can use their one-click application installer and website builder if needed for more help on getting started with making a great design that matches what you wanted in terms of content as well!

With regards to features, iPage is a clear winner. They offer a one-size-fits-all plan, which allows you to host unlimited websites for free with your sign-up, while HostGator requires an expensive hosting plan in order to get that same feature. iPage also offers a free domain name on select plans so there’s no need to worry about getting everything set up from scratch!

Winner – iPage

HostGator vs. iPage – Security

Another factor that you shouldn’t overlook is security. If your business handles customer data, this can lead to more problems than downtime. iPage has multiple redundancies, including daily malware scans and backups that are accessible at any time for a small fee.

iPage offers SSL certificates to make the security process easier as well as Web Application Firewall (WAF), Bot Attack Blocking, Malware Removal, and General Vulnerability Scans.

These features combined with 24/7 support staff are what make them one of our top recommended hosting providers!

HostGator provides weekly malware scans and backup services but in order to receive these benefits without paying much more money afterward (in case something happens), do your own manual checks as well! If anything does go wrong on our end we have some great customer service 24/7 who can fix things up quickly anyway and they offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee which keeps you ahead of your competitors from the start if you’ve planned ahead!

In order to keep its data centers and online activities secure, HostGator has a number of different security levels. They are at the sites 24/7 to solve any problems before members are aware of them. Building entrances have biometric locks with CCTV monitoring around the clock which is enforced by onsite guards who walk the entire complex to further assist in all issues that may arise as well.

Winner – Hostgator

HostGator vs. iPage – Scalability

Growth is a common trait among businesses. This means that it may be difficult to predict how the business will grow and what resources they’ll need in order to continue their success with growth, so many companies have adopted an upgrade-friendly hosting plan for this reason – one of which being HostGator’s charge-free approach when upgrading during the course of your contract.

However, iPage did not provide any information about upgrades on their site; but because there typically are no hidden fees incurred from these types of plans we can assume that nothing would cost more than just paying off the difference between the current plan and the upgraded version (usually $10-$100).

HostGator has many different plans and with one month or year options, there’s something for everyone! As your company grows they offer more advanced features like an SSL certificate that can protect all customer data submitted through its website.

Winner – Hostgator

HostGator vs. iPage – Cancellation

If you are not satisfied with your hosting, iPage offers a 30-day, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. You will incur a $15 charge if you register a domain name with them or transfer it elsewhere yourself.

This covers the company’s costs as well as guaranteeing that you won’t cancel after they’ve put in time and effort into setting up your website for success.

They also offer an “anytime” refund policy: If you want to terminate service early—after the initial 30 day period–you can do so without penalty but owe us any unused portion of our monthly plan before the termination date plus the cost of registering/transferring away from iPage’s sole control of the domain name.

HostGator has a 45-day money-back guarantee on all new contracts. However, this does not apply to domain names or other add-ons that you purchase separately from your hosting plan; only the cost is covered by HostGator’s generous refund policy.

Winner – Hostgator

HostGator vs. iPage –Support and Documentation

The support staff of telecom companies is often underwhelming and rude, which has created an unfortunate impression across many service-based industries. Web hosting providers have been able to avoid this problem by offering competitive availability and customer service for most needs.

iPage offers 24-hour support 365 days a year. You can reach them via live chat, email tickets, or phone at any time and they will be happy to help you with whatever problem you are facing no matter how big your site is.

The knowledgebase has hundreds of articles that cover everything from the basics through advanced features so iPage gives you all the information and training needed for success in eCommerce website creation as well as after-care services when it comes to maintaining these sites on an ongoing basis too.

If you ever need help with your HostGator account, there are a number of ways to get in touch. You can call the customer service line and talk for hours if that’s what it takes; send an email or live chat request at any time day or night—they’re available 24/7 (of course); visit one of their forums which is open to all members but also has some closed ones where only those who have been invited by another user may enter; search through over 500 tutorials on various topics like how-to videos, WordPress guides and more!

HostGator offers plenty of support options so whether you want someone from “the inside” to offer advice or just look up answers yourself this company will give you anything they’ve got.

If you want the best value for your dollar, HostGator will provide more bang for your buck than hosting providers like iPage.

Winner – Hostgator

The Final Verdict

So whether you are looking for a web host that offers great value or one that has top-quality support and online documentation HostGator handily dispatches the competition.  It’s not even close, either: HostGator is offering more bang for your buck than iPage.  

In our comparison, HostGator is able to beat iPage on almost every point. HostGator offers more bandwidth, disk space, and email accounts than iPage. HostGator also allows you to create more website hosting packages and provides a larger variety of addons for your company’s needs.

With over 10 million domain names under their management and nearly 16 years in business, HostGator is the largest eCommerce web hosting provider around.

If you are looking for a host that will provide plenty of power and room to grow HostGator is the way to go; even if you’ve been burned in the past by telecoms or other service providers, HostGator can still win you over with their superior service as well as quite reasonable prices!

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