HostGator v/s InMotion Hosting Comparison

Hostgator v/s InMotion Hosting – Features, Plans & Pricing Comparison

An official website is a must need for growth of any business. Without a website, it is tough to imagine that any online business will move forward and work well.

Individual, private and personal organizations have their websites and to host their web page they have numerous the web hosting companies like Bluehost, Hostgator, SiteGround, Godaddy etc. to whom they assign its work.

Although these web hosting companies have eased down the work of operating website, many a time their increasing numbers bewilders the clients while selecting the right one for them. This article gives you the insights of two famous web hosting companies which are Hostgator and Inmotion.

About Hostgator and Inmotion Web Hosting

2002 established Hostgator is tried and tested name in the hosting field. This company has its headquarter in Huston, Taxes and the owners are Endurance International Group. In its 15 years of life, it has reached many milestones, and the hosting services account for 9 million domains.

Moreover, the InMotion hosting company started operating one year earlier to Hostgator, that is 2001. Headquartered in Virginia Beach, this privately-owned company has also opened its offices in the California. Conferred with many prestigious awards for its excellent work in web hosting field.

To review these two companies, we have performed 328 tests. We compared every feature one by one in these 328 tests, and the results obtained after that will indicate you at which one among these two is better.

Hostgator and InMotion Hosting Comparison

The factors we took for measuring the performance of both of the hosting services are as follows.

  1. Website load speed test
  2. Website Uptime test
  3. Customer Support Response time test

Our Step By Step Procedure Of Performing These Tests

Step 1: It begins with purchasing a similar hosting plans of Hostgator and Inmotion hosting.

Step 2: We made a demo website and hosted it on both web hosting. They both have same files, built on WordPress CMS, content and plugins. Only the domain name was different. The file size we used was 93kb of HTML, 48 KB of CSS, 312 KB of JavaScript, and 1544 KB of images.

Step 3: To assess the uptime, we set up a account. We consistently buzzed both of the websites at the interval of 1 minute.

Step 4: To assess customer support service, we raised support tickets and waited for their reply. We have calculated their response times for every they replied. Afterward, we calculated their average response time.

Hostgator v/s InMotion Hosting - Website Load Speed Test:

It is important for any website to load fast. The slow loading speed of website might lose visitors or customers. We assessed the load speed 20 times and calculated the average. Here are the results that we found in our page load speed tests.

Site Hosted At Hostgator Hosting

Test Website Page load speed at Hostgator hosting

Site Hosted At InMotion Hosting

Page load speed of test website at InMotion hosting

Winner – Hostgator

Hostgator v/s Inmotion - Website Uptime Test Results:

All hosting provider claims to deliver 100% uptime. However, expecting the same from them is like living in a fool’s paradise. In fact, the ground reality is no hosting company provides such hosting no matter what plan have you subscribed. Here are the results of these two hosting providers that we found in our tests. We used Pingdom service for this test and buzzed our Website for multiple times in a fixed period.

Hostgator had 99.97 percent average uptime while InMotion hosting had 99.88 percent average uptime. The worst uptime of Hostgator was 96.78 percent while for InMotion hosting, it was only 87.34 percent.

In our tests, Hostgator clearly got an edge on InMotion hosting as well as other popular webhostings like SiteGround, Bluehost etc. Still, it was not enough for final declaration. So, we head for another mode of comparison.

A decent hosting service offers close to 99 percent Uptime. It is an essential aspect to look for in a hosting provider. Obviously, you don’t want to lose your customers or visitors during the peak time of your business due to downtime.

To measure Uptime, we have used Pingdom services for a particular time period on our dummy website. Here are the results, we found after the tests.

In our uptime tests, Hostgator had a slight edge on Inmotion hosting.

Winner – Hostgator

Hostgator v/s Inmotion – Customer Support Ticket Response Time Test Results:

A decent customer service will help you to get away from technical problems in the web hosting. For assessing the customer service, we raised several tickets and noted the response time of hosting provider for them. Here are the results, we found in these tests.

These tests clearly denote Hostgator to be a better hosting solution than Inmotion.

Winner – Hostgator

Hostgator v/s Inmotion – User Interface Comparison:

This aspect of hosting solution is a special concern of novice web developer or owner. We found that both of the hosting services have a user-friendly interface. One can easily perform basic tasks like adding a domain name, installing CMS, using file managers, and databases. Hence, there was no decisive winner in this round.

Winner – Draw

Hostgator v/s Inmotion – Hosting Packages and Pricing Comparison:

It is one of the main factors that influences the selection of a hosting company. Here is what we found in the Shared web hosting plans of both hosting providers.

In Shared web hosting, InMotion hosting comes with three types of hosting plans. They are Launch, Power and Pro web hosting. The Launch hosting plan is the cheapest, while Pro hosting plan is the costliest. On the other hand, Hostgator also have three hosting plans in Shared web hosting. They are Hatchling, Baby and Business plan. The Hatchling is the cheapest, while Business is the priciest.

We found that Hostgator plans were slightly low-priced than Inmotion hosting plans. With discounts and offers, Hostgator plans becomes a shade cheaper. Also, Hostgator doesn’t increase the price if you opt the month. On the contrary, Inmotion significantly increases the price if you opt the monthly payment for the hosting service.

Moreover, Hostgator comes with 45 days money back guarantee. It means that you will a full refund if you are not satisfied with their hosting service in 45 days. However, there was no such feature in Inmotion. So, these all factors point Hostgator to be a far better hosting solution in terms of pricing.

Winner – Hostgator


These tests bring out the surprising results in which Hostgator outclasses InMotion in every aspect. If you are looking for the best hosting solution, then Hostgator is the way to go.

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